Selecting the Right Marine Lubrication for your Vessel Engine

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Lubricating oil is important because according to the sailors, “Besides the sails, the engine is the only propulsion we have once we are at the sea”. It is used as a cleaner and coolant to some vessel engines. It is produced by the lubrication system to various parts of the engine to reduce friction, dissipate heat and combat wear and tear between the machine surfaces. Oil also acts as a sealant and remove contaminants.

It is important to have the right selection of marine lubrication for your vessel engine since it also affects the performance and strength of the machine to move its rotating propelling devices and other parts of the whole vessel. Lubricant oils can be from the animals, vegetables, or minerals like petroleum.ship engine
One reason is that oil with good and high quality provides longer life to the vessel engine. It generate less waste, stays engine parts clean and reduce fuel consumption. If you want to use your engine in a much longer term, you should select the perfect lubrication for your system.

Lubricating oils has different properties that need to be considered as you select for your engine. Volatility, detergents, viscosity, alkalinity and oiliness are some of the properties that you should check in selecting the right lubricating oil for your system. Multi-grade oils that are emerging in the industry now for marine engines and generators decrease volatility oil consumption and needs to refill less often.

Another reason is that selecting right marine lubrication affects the comfort during navigation. It also reduces the noise and vibration of the engine. One of the most common problems in the vessel engines is the high level of vibration. It cause discomfort to the passengers and crews of the vessels. Some reported instances also, marine vessels with high levels of vibration were not allowed to sail because it is prone to unsafe operation.

Non-oil fuels, emulsified fuels, distillate fuels and bio-fuels are some of the types of fuels commonly used in vessel engines or ships according to its operation. Movements of all the parts of the engine especially its propeller depend as well to its lubrication. If you want to give you vessel engine protection and use it in a longer time, you should consider the right marine lubrication because different engine types have differing lubricating requirements. This could also affect the safety and security once it sails in the sea.