Easy Boat Maintenance for Dummies

Every single thing that someone owns needs to be taken of, no matter how new or how old they maybe and no matter how cheap and expensive they cost. Now, are you still a beginner when it comes to boating?

And are you somewhat confused as to what you should do for it to be maintained and can last for a long time? Then what you need to do is take time to read this article for this will be providing you easy tips on how to maintain your boat.

Boat Maintenance House

Cleaning your Boat

When you bought your boat you either use them for your hobbies or anything else and you take it as one of your investments because you know that boats are not cheap, so taking care of them is your best concern to keep them in shape and for longer usage. The first thing you need to do regularly is to clean your boat, when you clean your boat please consider cleaning it on land and not in the water because you might pollute the water around you.

So if ever your boat is exposed to salt water, you need to rinse it with fresh water along with products that contains vinegar, baking soda and some quality soap, you should also consider cleaning the sides of the boat using soft-bristle boat brush for the corrosive salt to be removed and will not cause rusting in any part of your boat.

Change your Oil

Just like all sorts of vehicles you see around you, boats also need to have their oil changed. Changing your oil may depend on your boat model, however most boats have their oil changed once a year or every 100 hours of usage. Unluckily, there are no shops that will change oil for boats so you can either do it yourself or have someone hired after all it is easy especially when you have the right tools. Steps will be provided below for the proper way of changing your boat’s oil.

  • Step 1- Start the engine to warm it up to at least 130 degrees and drain the oil using the pump
  • Step 2- Close the pump or change the plug
  • Step 3- After approximately 5 minutes, turn the engine off and get the dip stick
  • Provide a Zip Lock Baggie around the filter and unscrew
  • Change the dipstick and fill the engine with new oil until the cap is marked “oil”

Check your Electrical Writings

Checking your electrical wiring is very important since it helps a lot when you need your boat to run for some miles. You should check if some of them got soaked in the water or if they already have some cuts then be sure to change or tape them immediately.