What are the Advantages of living on a boat full time?

liveaboard scuba diving

Apparently, the standard way of living isn’t living on a boat, but it could be a fun and exciting thing to do. Hence, many choose to be living on a boat for different reasons. Reasons could either be to save money, love for water or frequent traveler.

boat house

Early Morning Sight

Some choose to live on their boat because of the love of the early morning sight which they view as soon as they get up from their boathouse bed. Having a good view of the river, sea, and lake could be a fantastic way to start a day, and this could drive lots of joy down your spine. Living in a boat can also make you have the same ocean view which you could view from and ocean-side property. Getting this kind of apartment could be very expensive, but your boat can serve the same purpose.



Napping on a boat could be the best sleeping time you could ever have as the water side would be quiet and serene for you to have a sound sleep. If you are the type that finds it difficult to sleep, the boat rocking will help you sleep pretty fast, and you will also have the opportunity of breathing fresh air that is generated by the greens and water creatures.


Cut Down Bills

Paying for a Marina fee is usually affordable unlike living in a house or an apartment close to the sea. You will incur some extra bills which include, electricity, water, internet(if available), Tv networks, etc. Living in a boat will make you save lots of money and also work fewer hours every day and still, have some extra savings.



There are some disadvantages of living in a boat. There won’t be much space compared to what you are used to in a house. You will need to carefully select the items which you will take to the boat with you and also clear off some unwanted pieces of stuff to create more space for your convenience.


Little Space For Stuffs

With fewer things to bother about you don’t need to feel disorder. You can’t get much material because you don’t own enough space, making you focus on other stuff that are necessary to you. Rather than shopping, you may see yourself visiting people that are living close to you, or attending a picnic organized by your neighbors at the last moment.


Natural Views

If you live on a boat for a long while, you will learn to enjoy lots of natural things like watching the sunset rather than sitting in front of a TV. When you wake up in the morning with the sound of birds, you can seat out with a cup of coffee and be having the creatures around you as your companion.


Saves You Money

Living on a boat will make you save lots of money, so get back to natural habitat and enjoy every bit of it. You won’t have any complaint of stress while you live on a boat because it has a way of soothing the body and calming the body and mind. Enjoy nature by living in a boat. Do this for a while and see how awesome and enjoyable this could be to your general health and well-being.